**PLEASE NOTE: You are NOT Giving anybody money to Trade For You in
return for 30% every month or any of that Nonsense,

Using what you learn from the videos I'm sending you today...You'll be able to make these
5-minute Trades By yourself

And keep 100% of your Profits Every Month!

Dear reader,

You're about to enter a very special world:

I urge you to pay attention, 

Today, I’m going to show you...

How a simple black-swan trading process can help you make over $4,000 every month... (starting with just $100)

That’s A Minimum of $50,000

in 12-months or Less

At the current exchange rate (N460/$ at the time of writing this),

That’s around N23Million Naira in addition to your current income.

An average of N1.9Million every month

Think about what you could do with all that extra money coming in every month

To help you get started,

I’m going to send you a series of videos showing you exactly how this works.


I’ll also explain why you need to start making these black swan trades within 7days of reading this message.

And very importantly, why…. 

After November 3rd, These Black Swan trades May No
Longer be as Lucrative as they are right now.

But before I say anything else,

Let me introduce myself to YOU!

My name is Michael Olaniyi Olatunji.

Every year,

I’m in Dubai for The FX Traders Expo

If you’re not sure what that is,

The Foreign Exchange Traders Expo is an event where...

The world’s top financial experts come together to share powerful ideas on trading.

That’s me at the 2019 Traders Expo in Dubai.

That’s over N1Million Naira.

I’m able to afford it easily (And you too can do the same, after you've watched the videos I'm sending you today)

Please understand, 

I didn’t always have a nice life.

Back in the early 2010s,

I lost everything I had worked for in a solid mineral deal that went bad.

I was homeless and had to move back into my parents' house with my pregnant wife and child.

It was the most depressing moment of my life,

But in less than a year,

With God’s help and a lot of hardwork... 

I was able to bounce back with 3 times what I lost.

Thanks to what I’ll show you today.

Once you learn the simple trading process I have to show you and you start using it...

Your monthly income will never be the same again.

In just a few days from now, 

You’ll know exactly how to execute simple 5-minute trades that will help you pocket a minimum of at least…

$1,000 Every week, 52-weeks in a Row!

With that kind of money,

You no longer have to worry about how you’ll cope financially once you retire (many Nigerians die waiting for their pension)

You no longer have to put all your hopes on your salary or worry about losing your job (or getting a better one),

Finally, you’ll be in a position of absolute financial power where...

Money is not even on your list of worries anymore.

Whether you want to take a 1-year vacation abroad (In a minute, I’ll even show you how you can
get a free all-expense paid trip to Dubai this year or next

  • Or send your children to school abroad
  • Or build your own house
  • Or set up a new business
  • Or just something in-between…

You will finally be able to personally finance your plans without worrying about money.

It takes just 5-minutes to make these blackswan trades everyday,

With a few clicks on your phone

You don’t have to sit in front of a computer all day,

You don’t have to give anybody money to trade for you 

None of the above is necessary.


If you’ve been struggling to make money trading currencies in the financial markets

It’s NOT your fault.

  • Maybe you enrolled for a trading program that didn’t deliver,

  • Maybe the trading strategies you were taught didn’t work,

  • Maybe the signals your guru gave you didn’t make you any profits

  •  Maybe you gave somebody money to trade for you and they disappeared with it…

Whatever has been keeping from making your desired profits in trading…

I want you to know that today marks a new beginning for you.

What I’m about to show you puts you in a position where you make...

Consistent profits no matter what direction the market is going.

You see…

I’ve been doing this for over 10-years,

And I've learned that there's something called "A Black Swan"

Let me explain:

Black Swan Events are massive wealth creation opportunities in disguise:

During The Last 4 Black Swan Events, I Made a Total Of
$377,000 The Using The Same Trading Strategy I'll show YOU

  • The 2009 Sovereign Debt Crisis ($45,000),

  • The 2014 Crude Oil Crisis ($68,500),

  • Black Monday China in 2015 ($96,000)

  • And very recently, BREXIT in 2016 ($180,000)...

And now…

The 2020 Economic crisis is causing waves of currency spikes in the Financial Market in ways
I’ve never seen before….

Currency Spikes that could make you very rich if you know how to leverage on them...

For context,

"A currency spike is the sudden upward or downward
movement of currencies in the financial market that
creates hidden opportunities for smart traders to make
obscene profits."


I’ll tell you something you probably haven’t heard until now…

As far as trading currencies is concerned:

During Black Swan events (like Covid-19),

The Big Money Trading Signals

Are Almost Impossible to Spot

Unless you’re among the top 1% who know how to spot or generate black swan signals…

You’ll never realize what’s going on

Until after the insiders have cashed out big time!

And that means ….

By the time you Enter The trade, 

It’s already too late to profit.

The big money has already been made…

And the trading elite are laughing all the way to the bank at your expense

That’s why the simple Black Swan trading process is so amazing

The BlackSwan Trading Process Helps You Get in Exactly
When The Big Money is being Made

And you’ll be able to walk away with Huge Profits like never before


Because it’s a process that shows you step-by-step:

How to follow the heartbeat of the markets in a way that lets you…

Consistently spot or generate profitable trading signals that make you $1,000s every week…

You don’t need any sort of trading experience to understand how this black swan trading process works

In fact,

The less you know, the better

Since your personal bias won’t stand in your way

Using what you’ll see in the free Video Series I’m sending you today…

You’ll be able to make serious money whether the financial market goes up or down.

You don’t have to trade every day

3 or 4 times a week is fine.

Yet, you’ll be making more money than all those frauds
parading themselves as Forex Gurus on Social Media.

Let me give you a few real-life case studies of how you can profit from Black Swan 2020:

Take the new U.S-China currency war for example…

Look at This Screenshot From CNN…

Do you see A NORMAL news headline and nothing else?

Or do you see a hidden opportunity to make good money for yourself?

Believe it or not..

While The U.S and China Try to Kill Each Other, There’s Tons
of Money to be made, If you know where to Look

For example:

If you had made a simple 5-minute $100 trade when China ordered The U.S Consulate in Chengdu To Close…

How do I know?

Because I made $500 in 6-hours that day

Now, of course, 

That may not seem like a lot of money

But when you consider the fact that you can make gains like these 5 times a week…

You’ll begin to understand that perhaps...

You’ve been missing out on something very exciting

Let's do some quick math,

I just told you You could have made $350 profits on July 24th right?

Now, imagine making such profits 5 times a week:

$350 x 5 gives You $1,750

In Less than one week

Keep that in mind as you read on

Let's go back to January 7, 2020

Just when Black Swan 2020 was beginning to build-up

And the economic impact was already creating profitable currency spikes in the financial market

If you had made even just one black swan trade on January 7, 2020

You could have walked away with a 325% profit.

Let’s say you traded with $100,

A 325% profit from a $100 black swan trade would be $325

4 more black swan trades in the following 7-days 

And you could have made a whopping $1,300 profit in less than a week..

Repeat the same process 4 times a month and you could have had ...

An extra $5,400 to take care of yourself and your loved ones.


I know this sounds completely different from what you’re used to hearing from Forex Gurus…

But that’s because they either don’t know how this works

Or they’re not telling you what you need to know

I’ll show you one more example 

And then ...

I’ll tell you how you can get those video series free today so you can start making money as quickly as next week…

March 16, 2020,

 Day Of Reckoning For The Financial Market

I can't tell you exactly how much I made from March 16 to March 30

Making black swan trades based on signals I generated myself (you'll see how simple this is when you watch those videos)

But if you knew what you’ll discover  in the videos I’m sending you today, 

And you had placed, let’s say, 

A $100 black swan trade on the 16th of March.

You could have pocketed a $690 profit in 48-hours.

That's less than 2 days!

One more trade using similar signals the next day and you could have tripled (3x) your profits.

$690 x 3 = $2,070

Now, if you missed out on these trades,

Don’t kick yourself.

In the build-up to the U.S General Elections on November 3rd…

There are 3 major factors responsible for some of the
biggest trading wins you can possibly make in the financial
markets right now....

  • The question of Donald Trump’s fate as U.S President

  • The rising economic tensions between the U.S and China
  • And the continuing uncertainty of BlackSwan 2020

These 3 major factors will create bigger opportunities in the financial markets than we’ve seen since January 2020

Opportunities that could make you serious sums of money.

And using what I’ll show you,

You can make a fortune.

Now, please understand;

I’m not saying you’ll have a 100% win rate (even Warren Buffett and George Soros can’t make such promises)

But as long as you follow my instructions,

My unbreakable promise is:

Your wins will outnumber your losses by a 9:1 margin.

And keep in mind:

Like I said earlier, 

With these black swan trades,

You’ll be making the biggest money if you start between now and Tuesday, November 3rd…

Which is when Americans will decide whether or NOT Donald Trump will rule them for the next four years.

I don’t know what the results of the elections will be

But take it from someone who’s been trading in the financial markets since 2009,

In The Last 10 Years,

I've Never Seen Anything Like This

This is the first time I’m witnessing a Black Swan event coinciding with the General Elections in The United States of America

There’s a massive transfer of wealth happening right now…

And In Spite of the current economic depression.

You can be part of the 1% who are making a fortune in the financial market as we speak….

But for this to happen,

You have to start making these trades as early as possible

You see, 

Once America decides who their next President will be

The situation could change very rapidly in the financial markets.

And even though you’ll still be able to make decent profits from these 5-minute Black Swan Trades 

What you’ll be making won’t even come remotely close to how much you could make between now and Tuesday, November 3rd, 

When Americans go to the polls to elect their next president

So, to help you get started right away…

I’m Sending you The LINK to Watch The Series of Trading Videos I Told You About Earlier…

Forgive me,

The information in these videos was deliberately simplified to beginner level.

Just in case this is your first adventure into trading.

This way,

Whether you’re beginner or pro,

You won’t struggle to understand anything.

Now, once you get these videos,

Please start watching them immediately.

Don’t waste even a single second.

I’ve simplified it down to Primary 1 English and 

You can finish these videos in less than 2 days.

Here's just a small glimpse of. . .

What you’ll learn from These videos:

  • What the successful 1% of traders know that the struggling 99% are ignorant of (and how having this knowledge puts you firmly on the fast-track to make millions trading currencies from your phone)

  • How to generate your own signals and make a fortune trading just 5-minutes a day
  • How to make successful trades based on world trends that determine the heartbeat of the financial market (This is a real super-power)
  • Why you should never trade based on what everyone is saying

  • The minimum amount you should invest in any trade

  • How to trade with a 90% accuracy every week.

  • The kind of currency pairs you should focus on if you're serious about making consistent profits

  • How to make profitable trades whether the market is going up or down or moving in an uncertain direction most people don't understand...

And lots more.

But that’s not all…

You see…

I’ve been trading forex long enough to know that sometimes,

After learning something, 

You have the knowledge, 

But you still don’t know how to implement what you’ve learned.

You'll Trade Alongside Millionaire Traders in My Private
Signal Room

Here, you’ll be able to make real profitable trades every week.

By trading alongside me and a few expert traders who have made multiple millions doing the same thing you'll be shown how to do.

This is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before

No matter how much you think you’re making right now,

It doesn’t compare to the fortune you could be making once you start placing these 5-minute trades 3 or 4 times a week.


I know you’re probably wondering:

Why am I being so generous?

What’s The Catch?

Here’s the catch:

I’ve told you why Blackswan events are a massive transfer of wealth in disguise... 

I’ve told you how you can easily make $1,000 every week,

$4,000 every month and at least,

$50,000 Dollars in 12-months trading just 5-minutes a day..

I’ve told you about the videos you’re getting

And I’ve also told you about the hands-on trading experience you get in my private signal room…

Now, here’s the deal…

In All My Years of Making Millions Trading Currencies, This is The
First Time I'm Doing This

For the first time in 10-years,

I’m launching a private Coaching Program.

However, it is not for everyone.

That’s why...

I’m Putting strict Limitations on Who Can Join me Today
To…. 100 Persons Only

Not 101… 


Not 102… 


Only 100.


That’s 100 members I’m letting in today and not another soul.


And preferably,


I want you to have certain qualities…


I’m looking for competitive and open-minded people who can follow simple instructions


This offer will be extended on a first-come, first-served basis.


You’re not giving me money to trade for you.


I’ll show you how to make 98% accurate trades yourself.


You don’t have to sleep in front of a computer every day.


Only 5-minutes a day.


And once you learn what I have to show you,


It doesn’t really matter what happens in the Financial markets…


They can go up, 








It doesn’t make a difference – not to us.


All that needs to happen is for you to understand

How You'll Get in Right when the Big money is exchanging
hands and Walk away with More Profits Than 99% of People
Who Trade Blindly!

Take what I show you

Make a few trades


And walk away with an 80%, 125%, 150%, even 300% return on your investment


And you don’t even need to have a 100% accuracy on your trades.


That’s the beauty of this amazing journey you're about to embark on with me.


Like I said,

It is not for everyone.


And it’s not necessarily cheap (good things never are)


Think about it:


If you knew a simple stress-free way to be making a minimum of an extra $4,000 (or more) PER MONTH, 


You certainly won’t have to rely on salaries alone or worry about retirement, would you?


But remember…


I’m ONLY letting 100 people into my private coaching program through today’s offer...


If you miss out, 


You may never get another chance at today’s price.


Your future is in your hands.


Think of this as the next great milestone in your life.

So if you are the kind of person that I think you are 

  • Independent
  • Strong-willed
  • Thirsty for wealth
  • And ready to follow instructions...

I have 100% faith that you and I are going to be making a lot of money together...

In a minute,

I’ll tell you how you can be one of only 100 persons who get access to my private coaching program today,

But first, consider this:

Once you sign up today, and you're among my top 3 performing students,

You’re Coming with Me to The World Trade Centre in DUBAI
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You’ll be by my side during the event

I’ll introduce you to some very important people in the
Financial Market (Just one of These Connections Can Take
You Places You Never Imagined Possible)

Just my way of rewarding you for being an action taker.


Now, even though I could easily charge N500,000 for this,


The fee to join my coaching program is N225,000 only.


But when you sign up now,


You get a more than 50% discount.


So instead of paying N225,000,


You pay only N100,000 today.


And I promise you, 


As long as you follow my instructions,


You can more than double your investment easily within the first 14-days of making your first few live trades.


So here's how this works:


Every week, for the next 12 months,

I’ll be showing you how to make the same kind of trades that have put over
N100Million in my pocket in the last 12-months alone

I'll show you how to make 90% accurate trades that help you collect a minimum of at least... 


$1,000 every week,


$4,000, every month,


$50,000 every year…


Or more!


And on that basis, here's...

My Solemn Oath to YOU Today!

If after 90-days of implementing what I show you,


You’re not satisfied with the results you get,


I don’t deserve your money.

  • I WANT you to call me (you’ll get my direct personal number AND email address once you sign up)

  • I WANT you to complain.

  • I WANT you to ask for your money back.

And once you do that…


You’ll get your money back,

Down to the last kobo.


This is my solemn oath to you…


Haven said that, here's . . .

A Summary of what you Get when You Sign up For my
Private Coaching Program Today...

  • A Series of Insider Trading Videos To Get You Started. . .
  • Members-Only Hands-on Live Trading with Millionaire Trading Experts in The Private Signal Room

  • An all-expense paid trip to the next FX Trader’s Expo at the World Trade Center in DUBAI... if you're one of my best performing students

  • Members-Only Weekly Live sessions on ZOOM with me
  • Members-Only Access to a Telegram Group where you can ask questions and get quick feedback from me or any of the trading experts I’ve handpicked myself…

And one more thing I’ll share with you over the phone (won’t take more than 15-minutes)

I can’t even put this trading secret in a video or PDF because it’s just too valuable.

If it gets in the wrong hands,

I’ll be in trouble.

The few people I’ve revealed it to all paid $5,000 to get their hands on it.

But once you learn this 3-letter trading secret...

You’ll understand why I keep it as close as possible to my chest.

And you’ll be able to easily make as much as $10,000 in one month (**had to bury this here for only serious people like you patient enough to read up to this point**)


If you’re tired of settling for less...


If you’re ready to start making simple currency trades that bring you thousands of dollars every month...


You’re welcome to join me.


If not, no problem, 


I wish you all the best in your endeavors.


But if you ride with me,


I’m going to show you how to play by your own rules 


And become a millionaire Trader in the shortest possible time.


Using what I can teach you,


You’ll easily set yourself up with a new opportunity to make obscene profits every time you make a trade...


At least $1,000 every week.

$1,000 every week is a lot of money in this economy…


Imagine the peace of mind you enjoy knowing you're making thousands of dollars every month

For less than 6-minutes of your time every day.



The time for talk is over.


It's time to take action.


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See you inside,

Michael Olaniyi Olatunji.