“ . . . It’s a little bottle of magic”

10 Reasons why you should start using the G Female Stimulating Lube gel to enjoy great sex from couples who are already using it. . .

Didn't think anything would help me. Taking medicines and all, it’s really hard to feel anything. This really made a difference. Without going into detail, you need to give this product a chance if you have a hard time getting to that point of enjoyment in your relationship. – Lisa (Jan. 13, 2017)

1. Experience Stronger orgasms thanks to G female stimulating lube gel containing a blend of water based ingredients designed to mimic the natural vaginal lubricant.

- Got this for the GF, and it's paid off handsomely. Her O’s are longer and stronger, and she stays sensitized and excited for longer sessions. It's a little bottle of magic...

- M.N. Dave (March 22, 2016)  

Great product for women. The big O was great!

- Theresa(Aug. 20, 2019)

2. Eat your cake and have it! Enjoy mind blowing sex without compromising your safety as the G female stimulating lube gel water based lubricant will not destroy condoms or diaphragms.  

 - It is safe for condoms & toys and cleanup is easy & gentle! I definitely recommend this product!

- Faerienoir (November 18, 2015)

3. No fear of friction burns, skin irritation or rashes while using G female stimulating lube gel.

- I like it - most products I've tried cause irritation, but this one does not. . .

- Donna H. (March 19, 2016)

Arrived quickly, packaged well and no spills. Warm and tingly sensation, with no irritation. Viscosity is perfect!

- Curevila (January 25,2019)

4. Banish vaginal dryness and enjoy longer, more satisfying sexual intercourse with your partner thanks to moisture-rich lubricating ingredient found in G female stimulating lube gel called Carrageenan.

- Works very well on me and i no longer suffer from dryness below. Partner is happy and I am too - our sex lives have improved very much!

- P. T. (November 24, 2014)

5. G female stimulating lube gel contains primrose oil which will boost sensitivity of your lady bits and take you one step closer to the strong orgasms you desire.  

I was skeptical when i purchased this item, thinking it couldn’t be any better than the KY version i had tried and wasn’t impressed with. Well... lemme just say... I was WAY off. This product is a godsend! It definitely holds true to its name, and I see now why it has so many reviews! It stimulates and increases sensations to the max! I am so so happy to have found this product. After many years of intimacy with my husband and some toys thrown in there, the girl bits needed some help feeling young again. This product did just that!  

This is a product that I will keep in stock for as long as it’s made. - Danielle S. (August 14,2017)

6. A few drops will do the magic. You will get more mileage out of every bottle you purchase.  

My lady really enjoyed this product. Silky smooth and clean. Not runny or messy. Feels good to the skin.

Kinda of pricey but only takes a drop so overall worth it compared to messy products that require you to use a lot more.

- Bobby Wilson (March 25, 2014)

7. Speaking of mess, G female stimulating lube gel is not sticky or messy.  

My wife says it really enhances her sensations. She really enjoys it. It's not messy or sticky, and a little bit goes a long way. This product does everything it claims to do, which is surprisingly rare. We'll be buying this again when we run out - Jason S Ullom (January 20, 2016)  

Not sticky, a little goes a long way! - Yvonne (April 18, 2019)  

8. G female stimulating lube gel is shipped in a discreet package to ensure your privacy is protected.  

This is a great product. The packaging was discreet. The size and usefulness of the product was perfect. I also liked that it was all natural. - A (August 13, 2015)  

Works well. Wife liked the order so much, I went ahead and bought a second one. Package was wrapped discreetly. - Darren (October 9, 2014)  

9. G female stimulating lube gel contains menthol which gives your lady bits a warm, tingling and stimulating sensation to get your libido roaring!  

Absolutely and excellent way to get you feeling good quick! A really nice cooling sensation to give you the tingles! - Brenna (July 22, 2015)  

Product works great as advertised. Very pleasant and no downfalls in my opinion. Product is not sticky or tacky and isn't too aggressive of a sensation, just right. - Jessica Graves (September 14, 2016)  

10. G female stimulating lube gel is made of all natural ingredients which make it 100% safe for your skin and leaves your skin feeling fresh, moisturized and silky.  

This product is gentle to the skin - Tonya Harris (June 11, 2015)  

Absolutely recommended. It is silky and has a nice feel on your skin. The pump is a great feature. The consistency makes it very easy to manage - K. H. Matson (January 27, 2015)  

So if you are fed up with;  

  • Having to give up on sex because you couldn’t get wet even after foreplay?  
  • Having to endure painful sex with your partner because you just couldn’t get wet but didn’t want him to feel like you are no longer attracted to him?  
  • Having to explain to your partner that you are aroused but your body is just not co-operating.  
  • Thinking there is something wrong with you because you cannot get wet and stay wet  
  • Feeling like a failure because you cannot get lubricated naturally  

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